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    Osteal Jewelry Presents :

    ✧ The Small Strange July Giveaway

    A big thank you to all those who follow, re-blog and comment on our little blog. Thank you for helping us be a success!

    This giveaway is small, but it has a lot of personality.

    for more items with amazing personality visit Osteal’s Etsy shop :

    What you will receive:

    - Mourning Locket (locket made with real human hair, inspired by Victorian Mourning Jewelry)
    - three deer teeth
    - deer bone fossil shard
    - hawthorne thorns
    - vintage bison bone
    - a pair of real glasses from the 1920’s
    - metal medallion
     - Earrings * the last prize is your choice : Choose earrings for standard piercings or Large gauge.  You will receive two sets of earrings - one of the style shown and a second surprise pair
    - plus more prizes will be added to the package

    ✧ Rules and Guidelines ✧

    - Must be following this blog :

    - Please tag your post with #ostealjewelry

    - Likes are great by only Reblogs count as an entry.

    - You may reblog as many times as you like - within reason.

    - Must be an actual blog not just a ‘giveaway’ blog

    - Must be 18+

    - This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway 

    Be sure to check out

    ✧ Winner ✧

    The winner will be chosen at random, using an online generator.

    Once the winner is chosen, I will send you an ask on tumblr notifying you. Make sure your ask box is open, or I will chose another winner.

    ✧ End Date ✧

    August 1st,  2014

    ✧ Disclaimer ✧

    This giveaway is in no way associated with Tumblr (including, without limitation, that it isn’t administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr).

    for the evening crowd

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  2. Grey fox skull and SP diner car plates. Trackside treasures.

  3. Old bottles and dirty hands

  4. Kit fox skull and creosote.

  5. Witnessed a strange sight in front of my house today. Hippies are now traveling with llamas!

  6. I found this Robin nestling laying on the concrete this weekend. It’s been three days and he seems to be doing much better. He eats a lot and seems like a happy little dude. I hope I will have the chance to care for him for a while. Benny and I named him Prescott.

  7. Date nail hunting in Watertown, SD

  8. Deschutes River Canyon